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M-A-G-E: Salara Snow | Standard by TrainerHarmony M-A-G-E: Salara Snow | Standard by TrainerHarmony
An application for joining the RP (Role Play) group :iconm-a-g-e:#M-A-G-E
Wish me luck! >.<
Hehe! looks like she's sitting on stairs XD

:bulletred:Name: Salara Snow

:bulletred:Age: 16

:bulletred:Gender: Female

:bulletred:Height: 4' 5"

:bulletred:Mage Type: Standard

:bulletred:Mage Item/Weapon: Headband -> Sword

Attack - 33
Magic - 5
Speed - 14
Potential - 40 +5 (45 = 2 hours of transformation)
Luck - 3

:bulletred:Likes: Flowers, food, lucky days, sweets, tea, reading, and library’s

:bulletred:Dislikes: Book being taken away while reading, unlucky days, others trying to see her right eye, slipping on banana peels, others hearing her sing or find out others were watching her dance

:bulletred:Personality: She is the unlucky type on some days and then she can be REALLY lucky after her unlucky thing happens (rare occasions) or there are days when she is full of luck. Salara is the nicest person that you could ever, ever, EVER meet. Though she is shy at first, she’ll come to becoming a close friend.

:bulletred:Info: Can eat a lot, is usually seen reading a book, takes voice lessons and dance lessons

:bulletred:Other: She has mismatched red (left) and purple (right) eyes though she prefers to keep her hair in front of her right eye, embarrassed/ashamed at having two different eye colors

:bulletred:Magical Attacks: "Darkness of the Abyss" - Summons the dark power of an Abyss, charging the sword with its power

No "Familiar" at the moment plz :)
I-I'm sorry, did I do the color for her mage type wrong? >.<
And if the coloring style is not to your liking, I am sorry I don't have "Paint tool SAI" or whatever >.<
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January 4, 2013
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